Community Awareness

AY are hosting an event at Trussler Hall, 78 Grundy St, Poplar, London E14 6AE on 22nd of July 2017 from 2pm-7pm, offering information and advice about employment, all while celebrating AY’s past successes.

The residents of AY CIC’s local community Tower Hamlets, racially diverse area with the second highest unemployment rates in London, will be invited to join the celebrations.

Throughout AY Group’s five years of operating, it has found some of the biggest obstacles people face when getting into employment. Through this knowledge AY are providing work skills workshops at the event, which include:

* Relating own skills; interests and achievements to potential job roles

* Acknowledging different methods of applying for a job

* Preparing for an interview

* Reflecting on own skills and qualities, strengths and weakness.

By inviting local employers, this event can celebrate employment and training opportunities. They will set up stalls, informing people of the work they do, and to advertise job opportunities to Tower Hamlets residents.

Alongside this, free cuisine food and drinks will be offered. Attendees can take part in competition and talent show to win prizes and different cultured music will be played to build a fun atmosphere. There will be exciting activities for the children of Tower Hamlets such as, face painting, games and arts/crafts.

The event will achieve three valuable outcomes:

Healthier and more active people

For individuals activities towards job seeking have positive effects on physical, mental and health. Unemployment leads to social isolation and depression which could lead to crime and drug intake.This event will give them a chance to meet new people and sign up as our client, were career support and mentoring is given to discover their main problem and understand their needs in working towards getting them into employment and building self confidence.

Stronger communities

As we have helped over 2000 disadvantaged people with employment, We will Invite few of these residents, they will offer advice to those finding it difficult with employment, working together to tackle their problems.  By creating an event where residents, employers are all on an equal level, will bring the people of Tower Hamlets closer together.

People have better chance in life

The workshops will help residents identify their areas of development, giving them an opportunity to evaluate whether they need help. We could offer our training programme to improve these areas to have a better chance in life.

We believe getting disadvantaged people in contact with companies that are giving advice and are looking for employees whilst offering workshops is a vital part of the process of improving their chance of securing work.

Thanks to our partners we can offer a wide range of jobs:

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