About Us

Brief history

Set up in 2012, Acknowledging Youths CIC was created to support young people experiencing disadvantage and to assist them in attaining employment. This support includes training (assertiveness, time management, customer care, communication) CV writing, and interview skills. Our approach has always been personal; offering a tailored one to one approach to enable the individual to work through what their motivations and barriers are and identifying what they need to do next to move forward. AY Group understands the barriers many young people face – mainly because of Chief Executive Danny’s own challenges in life – and therefore successfully engages those most vulnerable. Since 2012 the company has evolved so that Acknowledging Youths CIC exists to support and develop young people ready for transition into adulthood and AY Recruitment CIC exists to prepare people more specifically for employment using accredited training, volunteering and work experience.

The Aim

The aim is to build a community-based company that fully engages local communities, identifying those who do not work and cannot find work and providing them with a process and support to achieve their employment goals and enable them to break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage. 

We aim to create a One-Stop-Shop which will:

  • Seek out young people who are disadvantaged and vulnerable and listen to their stories.
  • Work with the individual young person to identify the path they need to take and support them through a process of training and development which will enable them to get there.
  • Provide practical learning experiences g. through volunteering and work placements.
  • Provide practical support in the form of listening, helping beneficiaries write CVs, dress for work and supporting them with their job seeking.
  • Support individuals through a mentoring process to develop confidence, focus and positive direction.
  • Support young people into work by engaging employers and matching them via AY Recruitment CIC.
  • Provide follow up to ensure they are continuing to learn and develop.

Our vision

We look to bridge the gap between ethical companies with strong corporate responsibility concerns and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who, without positive direction will remain out of work and vulnerable to those who seek to disable a positive society.

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