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About AY GroupAY Group is the parent company for Acknowledging Youths CIC, AY Recruitment CIC.
As a group our aim is to provide a holistic “One stop Shop” for all our clients who enrol on our programme. Whilst  each company has its own strict agenda and responsibilities to ensure that we provide exceptional vocational training/recruitment services  according to individual needs, by conducting a robust Information Advice and Guidance session with our highly qualified and experienced IAG Career Officers, they also have excellent communication internally, that is, Assessor/Trainers, Recruitment Officers, heads of departments, to ensure each individual client needs are discussed to ascertain that appropriate training and work placements are allocated. 

About Us - Acknowledging Youths CIC

Raising aspirations and making a positive contribution to the lives of young people


An organisation catering for 16-24, focused on delivering high-quality Vocational Accredited courses (NCFE & PEARSONS AWARDING BODIES). The objective is to support everyone equally, strictly adhered to our Equality and Diversity policy. The training that we deliver is second to none, taking into consideration, the background of our clients, their preferred choice of occupational area, using SMART theory, ensuring that they are nurtured with customer care, passion, and helped to build their confidence level, thus increasing their motivation and ensuring that they complete the programme that they have chosen.

In addition, we also provide real life work experience with local employers so as to introduce them into ‘real work’ experience which includes discipline for time management, appropriate work attire, respect  for others and working as a member of the team. Regular visits by our Specific Vocational Assessor/Trainer/s ensure that learning is taking place and our clients are not used as free labourers! The majority of the times we liaise with employers who have real job vacancies. Negotiations for the duration of trial period and health & safety checks are carried out prior to placing our clients.

As a sector based work academy organisation we are committed to provide a quality service to clients and candidates as well as providers.

A sector-based work academy can last up to six weeks and has three key components:

  • Pre-employment training- relevant to the needs of your business and sector
  • A work experience placement - of great benefit to both the individual and a business
  • A guaranteed job interview

Our Values
TEND – (Tend to Their Needs) teach, educate, nurture and develop
Teach mind, body and soul.
Educate young people and adults.
Nurture talent, dreams, aspirations and capabilities.
Develop and guide young people and adults to succeed.

AY Target Group

1. Young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET)

2. Elderly people that are isolated

3. Local Authority care leavers

4. Those with a disability or health problem including mental health

5. People struggling with English

6. Customers in our most deprived wards

7. Ex-offenders

8. People with a history of homelessness, drug or alcohol dependency

9. Focus on the transition to work and overcoming practical barriers

10. Lone parents and careers

11. Individuals that are getting low income that are in poor financial condition that are looking for living wage.

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