Mission Statement

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide all types of courses and training for young people and adults.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work in close partnership with local businesses, schools and the wider community to encourage young people and adults in raising their aspirations as well as making a positive contribution to their development in this society. Ultimately, by supporting them in building up their confidence and improving their social, mental and educational wellbeing.

Our Values

TEND – (Tend to Their Needs) teach, educate, nurture and develop

  • Teach mind, body and soul.
  • Educate young people and adults.
  • Nurture talent, dreams, aspirations and capabilities.
  • Develop and guide young people and adults to succeed.

Our Aims

AY is aiming to improve the prospects of young people and adults. We want to create better chances for them.

It is our aim to increase young people and adult’s confidence and economic well-being. What we are expecting and hoping for the future is a generation more engaged in learning and able to pass that positive change onto their children.

The education and teaching courses that are developed and delivered by Acknowledging Youths are accredited by ASDAN. The full range of our qualifications and programmes remain approved by DFE and OFQUAL for use in schools. Through these consistent evaluations AY is aiming to set high standards for service delivery. This will ensure that all our objectives, goals and values stay effective, competent and attainable.



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