AY Job Recruitment

AY Recruitment Job board is our online job finding service that lists thousands of live vacancies and new ones are added everyday. We work with hundreds of employers who recognise the talent pool and the experience and strong desires of working age people.

AY Recruitment Job board features:

  • Browse and filter available jobs
  • Any application you submit through AYR is sent directly to the employer
  • Job notification based on job search
  • Create job alerts via email
  • Post jobs
  • Add and browse CVs
  • Fast, clean and intuitive interface
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets on all mainstream browsers
  • etc...

How to access AY Recruitment

Access to AY Recruitment is through Login button you will see on this page or AY Recruitment website. When you visit our FAQ, you will see instructions on how to activate your account.

Accounts are activated on AY Recruitment website which will allow you access to your resume, job applications and bookmarks if you're a jobseeker/candidate and post a job, see company jobs posted, and membership if you're an employer or recruiter.

If you like any of our recruitment services contact AY Recruitment team to gain access to lifelong job finding support. Click here for further information.

Helpful hints to get the most out of using AY recruitment

You can proactively search the site for jobs and set alerts to be notified of jobs that meet your criteria. Employers can search for potential candidates themselves by using key criteria like location. The results from this search will show profiles of those who fit the criteria and from that the employer can make contact directly with the candidate.

Make sure you don’t get missed by keeping your Profile in AY Recruitment up to date with the following:

  • In My Resume page, add your name, email, phone number, website, age gap, and upload a recent photo (This is really important to ensure you are found on searches for jobs that meet your criteria)
  • And lastly, check that all the information you've provided is up to date.

Click to access AY Recruitment

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