Danny Barnes – “I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible”

The Acknowledging Youths community project was set up to raise the aspirations of unemployed young people in London and help them find work.
Danny Barnes is a man on a mission. He’s overcome major obstacles in his life and wants to help others to do so too.
In 2012, while being unemployed himself, he wanted to raise the aspirations of young people in inner London who were unemployed and did not expect to get work because they lacked both skills and opportunities. He wanted to make a positive contribution to the lives of those young people, by increasing their self-esteem and confidence, giving them new skills and helping them become more employable.
“Whenever I tell people my story, they’re inspired to change their lives. I’ve been in prison myself, I’ve been in gangs, I’ve been homeless. My sister died of leukaemia at 14, I grew up not knowing my mother. This is how I’m able to help young people now, because I know exactly what it’s all about, having lived it myself.”
Making difference in people’s lives. This is what we are about. We provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged young people and adults through a temporary to permanent employment solution, which can be combined with relevant vocational training, online recruitment services, career advice, volunteer workshop, CV and cover letter writing service and apprenticeships, giving them new skills and helping them become more employable.
We have successfully engaged with disadvantaged youths and adults throughout London, helping over 3000 people, over 800 attended courses and workshop, 700 founds or voluntary, or work placements and over 600 of them are in full-time employment.
To reach our goal by helping those in need, we need your support. Together, we can improve the lives of the most disadvantaged people to find work, develop their self-esteem, highlighting their skills, experience, abilities and promote motivation. AY Recruitment will be glad to acknowledge your contribution.

Danny Barnes C.E.O

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