Our Community

A Community is one that includes and offers opportunities to everyone and can meet its most important needs and challenges. Stronger communities are filled with people who are interested and engaged in finding ways to make their community a more vital place to live, work and play. In our vision, our communities are ready to address pressing problems such as poverty & unemployment and all citizens are able to benefit from the best a community can offer: the arts, recreation, education and other services.

How We Can Work Together

Fundraising events

There are hundreds of fun and creative ways to help fundraise. We can help you come up with ideas and we offer prizes for the most creative idea, best use of technology, best video and photo as well as most funds raised by any one campaign.

Community engagements

We stand passionately for community engagement and involvement. We will organize community engagement days where representatives of a company can visit and interact with customers and potential workers in the community.

Benefits of Working Together


Corporate donators and fundraisers will be promoted across our social media network, directly communicating your company and efforts to young people. In addition we offer joint advertising on our web-page and on merchandise.

Our most generous partners will be promoted in and throughout the community through our community newsletter.

Staff training and teambuilding

Call us to discuss using our services to train and motivate your team. Our innovative classes will instill in employees important workplace skills whilst maintaining an atmosphere of fun.

Access to a new workforce

Young, ambitious and skilled people to contribute to your company, Your company will be given every opportunity to engage with our young people and the community at every stage and will be given the first opportunity to work with them.

Making your mark on society

Helping provide NEETs and disadvantaged groups with the step-up they need to get into employment is a crucial way we can reduce unemployment and produce the talented, qualified employees that the British economy need to be competitive.

AY Presentations and Assemblies

We will visit your school to talk to pupils and/or teachers about issues such as careers, health, training and charity. Please contact us for more information. Our business engagement events will also help pupils, staff and parents discover the wider range of the business and employment landscape.

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