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ASDAN Short Courses

ASDAN Short Courses | Acknowledging Youths CIC

We at Acknowledging Youths have teamed up with ASDAN to provide you with a wide range of short courses, to give you the skills needed in the working world. See a list of short courses. >>

Pearson Qualifications

In partnership with Pearson we are able to deliver expert BTEC Qualification and Apprenticeship to individuals who are looking for a significant career boost, or who are thinking about retraining in order to change direction entirely.

See a list of short courses. >>

WorkSkills Qualification

Start building your career | Acknowledging Youths CIC

The Pearson BTEC Level 2 Award in WorkSkills qualification is design for candidates, aged 19+, to improve their understanding and applications of work base skills. Find out more >>



Dynamic Purchasing System for the Provision of Work Focused Activities National

Acknowledging Youths CIC delivers high quality courses and training, as well as assistance with internships, apprenticeships and work experience, to young people who want to succeed in the world of work. Our team is always available to answer any questions.

• Towards Jobs
In order to support those who are further from being ready for work, this 5-day course will boost individual employability skills such as communication and
confidence, whilst instilling in participants the motivation to move towards work.
• Preparing for Jobs
This 5-day course, delivered over 2 weeks, aims to identify and address individual barriers to work, through diagnostic interviews, workshops and individual action planning. This course is delivered with a view to securing meaningful employment for participants.

• Getting Jobs
This 5-day course, delivered over 2 weeks, is intended to increase proficiency and self-sufficiency in those who are ready to move into employment. The intended outcome of this programme is that participants should enter some form of employment as a direct result.
• Keeping Jobs
This 5-day course, delivered over 2 weeks, utilises formal mentoring relationships, diagnostic interviews and individual action planning in order to ensure that those
who have successfully found work remain employed, whilst looking forward to future opportunities for personal development.

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Sector-based Work Academies

What are sector-based work academies?

The Government has introduced a new range of measures to help get Britain working. Sector-based work academies are one of those measures available in England to help those who are ready for work and receiving benefits to secure employment. They are designed to help meet your immediate and future recruitment needs as well as to recruit a workforce with the right skills to sustain and grow your business.

A sector-based work academy can last up to six weeks and has three key components:

  • Pre-employment training- relevant to the needs of your business and sector
  • A work experience placement - of great benefit to both the individual and a business
  • A guaranteed job interview


The key feature of sector-based work academies is that they offer a flexible approach and can be adapted to meet the needs of your business.
If you are unable to offer all three components, we may be able to work with you to overcome this – such as enabling you to join together with other employers as a consortium approach.

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