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AY Group | How It Works – The Good Impact Cycle of AY Group

We are a pioneer socially responsible recruitment service that bridges the gap between ethical companies with strong corporate responsibility concerns and motivated, trained young professionals coming from a disadvantaged background.

We are focused on candidates coming from a disadvantaged background that have already started their journey into employability by completing the training and mentoring programmes at Acknowledging Youths CIC – an award-winning Community Interest Company (CIC) founded on 2012 and focused on delivering high-quality professional training, coaching and mentoring programmes to young people and adults coming from disadvantage background.

AY Group –  the “one stop shop” place when you think of reducing unemployment among young people and adults.

AY Group has an education arm – Acknowledging Youths CIC – and a recruitment arm – AY Recruitment CIC. Both arms work together to produce a high social, sustainable impact.

When a young person comes to Acknowledging Youths CIC, he/she might not be ready to go into a job. But we want them to get ready. So, we prepare them. We ask them what they want to achieve, work out what we can do for them, provide them with the appropriate tools and skills and support them through their entire journey to reach their goals.

Acknowledging Youths CIC programmes are designed with the trends of London’s job market in mind and deliver expertise in some of the most booming sectors

Acknowledging Youths CIC also coaches and mentors, teaches CV and Cover Letter writing techniques, trains in interview skills and  assists in their placement in work experience programmes .

As a result, when the students – now candidates – conclude their training with Acknowledging Youths CIC, they are well equipped to join the job market and start new roles.

They become part of Acknowledging Youths CIC database which will be AY Group source of talents.

Revenues received by AY Recruitment CIC for the recruitment services rendered are reverted to Acknowledging Youths CIC to train, coach and mentor more disadvantage young people and adults.


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ASDAN Short Courses | Acknowledging Youths CIC

We at Acknowledging Youths have teamed up with ASDAN to provide you with a wide range of short courses, to give you the skills needed in the working world. See a list of short courses. >>

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